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Saturday, May 03, 2008

I will love you guys thiiiiiis much if you don't move (Pic)

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Pac-Man, explained (PIC)

Freakin' awesome. That actually does explain it all.

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Look carefuly at this picture, what do you see? [illusion]

After you make your decision, read on for an explanation....

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Apple is taking it too far

Don't you think the apple ads are just ridiculous?

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Microsoft Withdraws Its Bid for Yahoo

Microsoft said Saturday that it was abandoning its blockbuster bid to acquire Yahoo after the two companies could not agree on a price.The breakdown followed a meeting in Seattle on Saturday morning between Microsoft C.E.O. Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft's chief executive, and Yahoo C.E.O. Jerry Yang, Yahoo's co-founder and chief executive.

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Bill Cosby brings 'blunt' message to community leaders

Repeating a mantra that has angered some black leaders who have accused him of downplaying the effects of long-term discrimination, he exhorted the audience several times to "stop looking for somebody to blame."

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Terminator Sex Positions

If you thought the Circuit LED sex positions was ridiculous, how about some Terminator intercourse? The above pic is just a sample. Hit the jump for all the delicious Arnold on Arnold skeleton sex pictures.

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[Pics] Add value to your old computer

[Pics] Add value to your old computer

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Crazy cat, loves water

unfortunately this cat and movie are not mine :)

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How to properly hug a baby!

collection of photos shows the best way to hug a baby.......

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Babies being thrown off a roof for good luck... wtf

Babies are dropped several stories for good health and good luck at a shrine in Solapur, in Maharastra, India.

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How Jolting the Brain Fights Deep Depression

Imagine what a pacemaker does to your heart—its electrical impulses regulate a heartbeat that's out of whack.

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Who I vote for: By John Prieto

Well here comes another Election. The primaries are just about done.

So far we have Clinton, Obama and McCain as the survivors in there perspective parties.

You've probably have noticed from my previous blog posts that im no fan of Clinton or Obama.

And for full disclosures sake, you should know I am republican and that I like to consider myself a Moderate one at that.

But here comes the Big surprise. I don't like Mc cain either. which makes me a very unhappy camper.

So it comes to not who's the better choice. but who's the least worst. so let's look at at the choices we have , shall we?

Hillary Clinton: She has more baggage than I care to remember. I firmly believe that she is still married to Bill for political reasons only. She thinks it her god given rite to be President of the United state. I also think Bill is either consciously or subconsciously torpedoing her campaign . She has proved her self time and again to be dishonest with the Bosnia Sharpshooter boast being just the latest of her “misstatements”.

Barac Obama: (formerly: Barry Obahma) that alone gives me reason to pause. “Barry” has relatively no political experience. His best buddy, reverend Wright, is a not so closet raciest and about as anti American as you can get. but still Obama wont disown him. If I had a family member say anything close to what rev Wright said, I'd have nothing to do with them. Slowly the real Barry comes out with quotes like “Typical white person” and “bitter Pennsylvania's“ give us a glimpse in to the type of person he is. He says; “I run for change” well what change is that?

John McCain: Even though he has by far the most military experience (the others have NONE),
is as close to being a war hero as you can get and still be alive to tell the story. It's still not good enough for Democrats. It's funny how in the last election it was such a big issue for them, with John Kerry running and earning Purple Hearts on the swift boats of Vietnam. Claiming that George Bush wasn't good enough because he was “Just A National Guard Fighter Pilot”. It just doesn't seem to be an issue this time (I wonder why). Liberals have stated that to vote Mc Cain is to have 4 more Years of Bush. This is where I beg to differ, and is one of the reasons why I probably wont vote for him.
Mc Cain has gone out of his way to be an independent or even side with Democrats on many issues and has made a point to undercut Republicans. In fact you could almost count on him to take an opposite approach to most Republican initiatives. In past elections, he has shown to have an anger management problem, which has caused him to be defeated before. Finaly Mc Cain/ Find-gold Campaign reform has left the election process in shambles.

Well there you have it. Thats what I think about our candidates. Tell me what you think.

I just hope that whoever we elect, we don't end up regretting it.

Conan O'Brien Shows "Toned Down" GTA IV

In the past, Grand Theft Auto's been severely criticized for being too violent. The new version, it's been toned down a lot, I think in reaction to the criticism.I'm not sure it's better. Take a look.

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Cheerleaders of 2008 NCAA Basketball Championship Game

With that said Kansas and Memphis will square off tonight in the NCAA Basketball Championship Game so lets take a look at how their “spirit squads” match up.

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Best Video Ever

If you are undecided about the upcoming democratic presidential nomination, watch this video. It is very honest, and insightful. Gives a indepth look at each candidate, and the different campaign strategies. More insightful, and fair, than anything you are likely to get from the MSM.

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Gynecologists say the darndest things

We asked women around the country to share their tales of being the ultimate captive audience for aspiring comedians or just otherwise awkward practitioners of the vaginal arts. These are their stories.

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Giant Stingrays Found Near Thai City [PICS]

Recreational fishers and biologist Zeb Hogan hold a live, 14-foot-long (4.3-meter-long) giant freshwater stingray the fishers caught in the Bang Pakong River in Chachoengsao, Thailand, on March 31, 2008.

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Exclusive Video: Babbage's Mechanical Calc. Comes to Life

Charles Babbage completed plans for an elaborate, all-mechanical calculator in 1849. His Difference Engine #2 was so complicated, with more than 8,000 separate parts, that it was never built during his lifetime. But now, Babbage's Difference Engine is on display in Silicon Valley...and it works!

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Wife convicted after husband fatally shoots lover

A Texas woman who caused her lover's shooting death by falsely crying rape was convicted Friday of involuntary manslaughter.

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David Blaine to Lesbians: The Week's 5 Biggest Douchebags

David Blaine to Lesbians: The Week's 5 Biggest Douchebags

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Potential Employee Uprising Quelled With Free Pizza

A massive employee backlash over low wages and increased workload was narrowly averted this week when company management arranged to have eight large pizzas delivered to the design firm Cobalt Media, instantly quelling months of mounting resentment and dissatisfaction.

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Dude owned from Flying a Kite

Dude owned from Flying a Kite - Watch more free videos

When a kite kicks your A$$ then maybe it's time to stick to video games.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

People of Lesbos take gay group to court over term 'Lesbian'

Three islanders from Lesbos - home of the ancient poet Sappho, who praised love between women - have taken a gay rights group to court for using the word lesbian in its name.

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Hillary To Bill O'Reilly, "Rich People: God Bless Us"

Hillary, "You know what? Rich people ... (very distinctly) God Bless Us ... we deserve all the opportunities to make sure our country and our blessings continue for the next generation." Asked about it in a conference call this morning, Wolfson insisted that Clinton had actually said "God blessed us." Except she didn't.

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OMFG! For me?!?

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3 Year Old Wins Statewide Minnesota Mullet Competition

Frankly I don’t know what is more suprising. 1) Three-year-old Brady Arneson rocking one of the finest mullets I have ever seen. 2) Minnesota has a statewide mullet contest. 3) Brady’s older brother won first place in the mullet contest back in 2005.

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Sexy muslim woman wearing hijab

muslim women who wear hijab can still look sexy and beautiful

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Hil blasts Bush for not stopping a project-her husband App'd

Once again she's back to rewriting 'her'story

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Aggresive and Defensive

U will laugh

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Stupid Cat

Funny picture of stupid cats

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How to impress ladies with your chest hairs

here is the solutions.

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I Only Wanted to Be a Burger Flipper When I Grew Up [COMIC]

Talk about underachieving. How our dreams change under social influence when we grow up..

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Google Logo by Jeff Koons

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Katie Holmes Goes to Scientology Boot Camp

Tom Cruise has sent his third wife, Katie Holmes to spend 3 days at a Scientology boot camp, or as they call it, Gold Base. The base is a well kept Scientology secret in Hemet, Calif.

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Scientologists At War with Their Own

Jenna Hill Miscavige, niece of church leader David Miscavige, has been outspoken in her opposition to the Co$. She went as far as to slam Tom Cruise for "supporting a religion that tears apart families, both in the media and monetarily." In response, the Church has labelled her an SP and encouraged her friends to sever ties with her.

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Why Lazy Workers Don't Get Canned

10 Reasons Bad Employees Don't Get Fired.

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This is how a true MAC fan looks like

Am I offending any of you guys out there? Get back into the manila envelope.

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Psystar Open Computer unboxing and hands-on

Engadget NYC might have gotten to play with Apple's latest and greatest iMac yesterday, but we keep it dirty in the Chi -- yep, we've got the first Psystar Open Computer shipped out for review. We're just getting it set up, but check out the unboxing below, and hit us up with anything you want to know in comments

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Campaign: Don’t Look At Naked Women

Campaigns, they are everywhere. It’s a good method to influence and change the (bad) behavior of the target audience. But can it also be used to change primitive urges? I don’t think so, but in Japan they will give it a shot...

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Top 5 Laziest Inventions

Brilliant scientists and tiny overseas hands work eighteen-hour days to produce 5 devices that can make you even lazier than a stereotypical American!

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Wow, Donald duck is a freaking asshole

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The best images ever (NSFW)

This is a extended compilation of the best poster images that I found on digg. These are not safe for work.

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CARTOON - Hillary Is Really Winning

It's just that the definition of "win" is getting a bit hard to follow...

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The blue screen of death TV ad. by Sun (supposedly banned).

"Some video about a Windows NT handbook, a dead scuba diver and the deep blue sea."

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The 25 Least Inspiring Military Operation Names

Operation Beastmast? Operation Mustang Flex? If you thought strategy was the only thing the military botched in Iraq, wait until you hear what they named some of the missions.

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Hillary has turned to the one argument she has left: Race

She failed to convince the electorate of her own viability. Now her team claims that voters won't back a black candidate.

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Everything I Know About Women . . .

As a single man in my mid-thirties, I’ve spent 20 years trying to understand women, with mixed results. It wasn’t until six months ago, however, that I was given a clear insight into how the female mind works. It came in the form of Lou-Lou, my two-year-old niece.

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