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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Russia: Military help for Georgia is a 'declaration of war'

Moscow has issued an extraordinary warning to the West that military assistance to Georgia for use against South Ossetia or Abkhazia would be viewed as a 'declaration of war' by Russia.

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Blogger Michelle Malkin Attacked in Denver near DNC08

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin was beset by a horde of self-described leftist anarchists not far from the site of the Democratic National Convention earlier today.

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How to Deal with Difficult People

Can you recall the last time you had to deal with a negative or difficult person? Or the last time someone said something with the intention of hurting you? What can you do to get through these situations?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wind Turbines Murdering Bats By Popping Their Lungs

On the list of ways to go, having your lungs explode is definitely on the gnarlier side. Too bad for bats in treehugging locales, though, because that's what's happening to them, due to a pretty serious error with their awesome echolcation systems crossing with the seemingly benign's Bernoulli's principle. Ouch all around.

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The Wrong Door : If Terry Gilliam Directed Transformers a

Leave it to the BBC to introduce a show about robots attacking humans and generally making a mess of the

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Don't drink and drive

Pretty straightforward message. You get to see how your car is going to look like.

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Cows Have Strange Sixth Sense

Researchers used Google Earth to find that cows tended to face north-south along the Earth's magnetic field lines while grazing or resting. Past research has shown that wind and sunlight can cause herd animals such as cows to change their alignment, depending on the conditions.

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Fried mouse found in Frito Lay bag

HAVRE, Mo., July 23 (UPI) -- A Havre, Mo., resident said he would never buy barbecue potato chip again after finding a deep fried mouse in a bag of Lays K.C. Masterpiece chips.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Daily Show's 8 Best '08 Olympic Moments

If you've got an Olympics hangover, here's some hair of the dog from Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.

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Biden dislikes File Sharing, Net Neutrality and Encryption!!

Maybe you don't care about the doings in Washington, but you may want to know that Biden considers a lot of what you do care about criminal activity.

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Woman to virtual ex: 'I won't be ignored!'

Kimberly Jernigan attempted to kidnap her virtual ex-boyfriend, whom she met on the online community 'Second Life,' at his apartment Read this blog post by Julie Rivera on Crave.

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