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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Best Ad on a Subway Ever [Pic]

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BLOG ALERT: High-Profile Gitmo Detainee Rearrested…


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via by admin on 2/21/09

BLOG ALERT: High-Profile Gitmo Detainee Rearrested…


It seems another former Guantanamo Bay detainee has been re-arrested for returning to terrorism. He already graduated from Saudi Arabia's militant 'rehab' program once, but he's now being returned to the Saudis again.

From the story: "Abu al-Hareth Muhammad al-Oufi was one of two Saudis released from Guantanamo who re-emerged as al-Qaida operatives in a militant video released a day after President Barack Obama signed an executive order to close the prison within a year."

See the full story here:

We can't trust other countries to do the hard work of bringing terrorists to justice. Al-Oufi stated his aim to strike America on a video released barely weeks ago, and many of the current detainees at Gitmo state their goals regularly and proudly. We must remain well equipped to defend ourselves against these violent fanatics, and that means, among other things, that we need to keep Gitmo open.

That's why Move America Forward has been working so hard on bringing this issue to the fore and pushing back against President Obama's dangerous executive order. Please watch the webcast of our recent press conference with Sen. Jim Inhofe and 9/11 families here ( or use the embed code below to post.

You can also watch our ad on youtube here:

We're hard at work raising the money to get this ad on the air on national outlets, but we need help spreading the word across the web. Please email with any questions or requests. We appreciate your efforts.

-Ryan Gill
Director of Operations,

Press conference video embed code:Free TV : Ustream

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“Change” We Can Believe In? Reporters Treated Baddly


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via American Conservative Daily by J.J. Jackson on 2/21/09

It is Saturday and I wanted to clean up a couple items sitting on my desk today. One of them is an item from the 6th of February which didn't seem to garner too much attention as news outside of the blogosphere and which I have been pushing off talking about in lieu of other stories. It seems that the "change" we can believe in from the Obama administration may be happening. Although it is not "change" we may desire.

In his short time in office, Obama and his staff have not exactly had a very welcoming relationship with the press corps. Obama has, on a couple occasions, gotten upset by reporters either trying to ask him questions when he is not properly briefed on his own actions or been asked questions that did not fit topics he wanted to discuss.

Well, there was another incident as well. This one involved the forcible restraining of a reporter trying to ask a question of Leon Panetta:

Following Leon Panetta's confirmation hearing Thursday, several reporters approached the CIA director-designate in the hallway outside room G-50 in the Dirksen Building.

There, CongressDaily reporter Chris Strohm — upon asking a question — was physically restrained by a man who accompanied Panetta at hearings both days.

Strohm, when reached by phone Friday, said he was unsure of the man's role.

"I felt this hand grab my right arm and push me aside," Strohm said.

By his account, Strohm told the man, "Please don't touch me" more than once. Eventually, the man let him go.

This was not just Mr. Strohm's account either. Other people witnessed the event and were at least a little surprised by the actions.

Tim Starks, a reporter for Congressional Quarterly, said he witnessed Strohm approach Panetta and ask a question, just before the man began "grabbing him by the arm and moving him away."

"I said to the guy, 'That's not the way you do it,'" recalled Starks.

Starks said that he's covered the CIA for years and had never seen a reporter strong-armed that way before, adding that the agency is typically respectful of journalists.

Some people thought "change" under Obama would be getting even with the the rich while getting their gas tanks filled, a house over their head at taxpayer expense and even a forced increase in benefits for working at McDonalds. How many of you really thought though that "change" under Obama would be such open hostility to the press?


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Hope and Change Administration: Detainees have “no constitutional rights”


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The Surrender (PIC)

Alternate title could be Holy War.

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TAX YOU BY THE MILE; says Transportation Secretary


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Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says he wants to tax motorists based on how many miles they drive rather than how much gasoline they burn — an idea that has angered drivers in some states where it has been proposed.


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Friday, February 20, 2009

70-Year Old Man Shoots TV, Engages in Standoff With Police Over DTV Transiti...


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via Gizmodo by Sean Fallon on 2/20/09

Angered and distraught over the analog TV shutdown, a 70-year old Missouri man blew away his TV and engaged in a brief standoff with police when he could not get his converter box to work.

Surprised? You shouldn't be. Violence like this was inevitable. All it takes is mixing one part old man with one part technology, one part handgun and two parts alcohol. Then shake vigorously with an absence of Wheel of Fortune. [KSDK and Kare 11 via Fark]


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Illinois governor demands Burris resign


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via on 2/20/09

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn today called for Sen. Roland Burris to resign. "It's time (for Burris) to put the interest of the people of the land of Lincoln ahead of his own and step aside and resign from office," Quinn said at a news conference. He said it was a "gigantic mistake" for Burris to accept a Senate appointment from disgraced former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.


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Biden Opens Mouth - Tells Whopper - More Change!


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via digg / prietoj / friends by covertress on 2/20/09

"Biden Says Bush Gave Al Qaeda Recruiting Tool" while introducing Mr. Panetta to the CIA. Mr. Obama's Vice President took the opportunity to debase the prior Administration again, with another baseless joke. Who is Biden trying to convince? So desperate, sounding less sane every minute - The Biden doth protest too much.


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ACORN training people to break into foreclosed-upon homes


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via digg / prietoj / friends by covertress on 2/20/09

The community group ACORN calls Hanks a victim of predatory lending. "This is our house now," said Louis Beverly, ACORN. And on Thursday afternoon, they literally broke the foreclosure padlock right off the front door and then broke into the house, letting Hanks back in for the first time in months.


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Wait a Second ... that OTTER is Photographing YOU! [PIC]


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Professional photographer Enrique Aguirre took this photo of an otter holding a video camera while on a tour of Elkhorn Slough aboard the Elkhorn Slough Safari Boat out of Moss Landing on Feb. 3. The otter, it is assumed, found the camera at the bottom of the ocean (Enrique Aguirre/Contributed photo)


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Not So Stimulating


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via Right Wing News on 2/20/09

What if you spent one million dollars every day since Jesus was born? You still wouldn't have spent as much money as is in the spending bill: From the Politico: The American Issues Project, which briefly aired a TV spot...


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The invisible sky wizard bus wars continue: Islamic Council to run ads which...


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Obama offers Socialist, Marxist cogs in the change wheel


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Already we are seeing the Socialist, Marxist cogs in the change wheel manipulating away our freedoms and money. Congress and this President have wasted no time from the executive orders to the manipulative speeches and attachments on the 'stimulus' bill that insult and betray the American people.


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Nothing Intelligent Ever Follows the Word "Dude"


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via Overheard Everywhere on 2/20/09

Indian guy: Dude...what if Shakespeare was Jesus?

Bellingham, Washington

Alsome | Thumbs up | Thumbs down |
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NutRoot Outrage at Fake Video Bashing John Gibson of Fox News


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via American Conservative Daily by Warner Todd Huston on 2/20/09

-By Warner Todd Huston

This is a tale that should serve as a cautionary one to all that inhabit the Internet. It's all about the instant outrage, the ginned up hatred, the immediate immolation, that one sees so often infesting the left in our fair country. It shows how unhinged many there are. It started on the Huffington Post on February 19, when poster Alex Leo found what he thought was a video of John Gibson of Fox News saying that new Attorney General Eric Holder was like a monkey with a "bright blue scrotum." In reality, though, what Huffposter Leo found was a spoof video, not a real one, of someone else's words edited over the top of John Gibson's video.

It wasn't true. It was a fake. Regardless of the truth, however, the left-o-sphere went wild with faux outrage over the obviously "racist" John Gibson and his evil remarks. Within hours the tale had spread over to DailyKos, and other lefty bloggers as well as the site of supposed bastion of troof, Keith Olbermann. Even the profane folks at Wonkette went for the manufactured lie. Naturally, comments of outrage accompanied each posting on this fake story. (Thanks to JohhnyDollar for the work on this)

The story that invoked the scrotum discussion was about an escaped monkey from a zoo. The reporter had to mention that the animal had a "bright blue scrotum" as a distinguishing mark. This story came right before a segment with John Gibson. The scene in question with Gibson is at the very end of the clip. Here is the faked video.

But this is NOT what happened in truth. Here is the unaltered video to show what really happened.

Now, here is the thing. This video was an obvious fake. One had only to listen with attention to the faked video and it seems obvious. But the faux outrage was too good to pass up for the unhinged left.

Further, it is obvious that the Huffposter did not take any time at all to ascertain if his story was right. He just grabbed the video and went with it. So, the lesson is, double check, THINK before you post and be careful. Three things we can always count on the left ignoring.

Since yesterday Huffington Post made an update on the post correcting the story, but few of the other sources have corrected the record. You know the old saw, "a lie is around the world before the truth gets its boots on." That is certainly true in this case.


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Bring Me The Head Of Tom Daschle


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via ... by Josh Fruhlinger on 2/20/09

By the Comics Curmudgeon

DAMN YOU, CRUEL FATE! The greatest cartoon-related controversy since a bunch of pissed-off dudes in Pakistan burned down a KFC to protest to the marriage of Elizabeth to Anthony in For Better Or For Worse, the Great Obama-As-A-Dead-Monkey Contretemps Of Ought-Nine, has come and gone before your Comics Curmudgeon can get ahold of it! And apparently the cartoonist also loves to portray the gays as mincing with a toe stuck up just so, and also fucking sheep! I have to say that all the other, lesser cartoons sure looked bland this week by comparison. So today we're going to play a little game called Could This Cartoon Be Improved With A Racist Monkey Or Mincing Gay?

Click on the cartoon to make it larger! Sadly, you will need to use Photoshop to add a racist monkey or mincing gay.

The concept: Poor corrupt Roland Burris is being pulled down into the morass of terrible corruption that is Rod Blagojevich's hair! Because Blagojevich's hair is quite fluffy and distinctive … and corrupt.

Could this cartoon be improved with a racist monkey or mincing gay? Well, what if Burris were at a gay disco (you know, where the gays go to party) and they were mincing around and pulled Burris down into their gay mince-pile? That would pretty much be the definition of "corruption," amiright? Sure, it wouldn't really make much sense, but it at least would be more interesting than yet another "Ha ha Rod Blagojevich's hair" joke.

The concept: Sinister necromancer Barack Obama has a plan to cheat in the 2010 census: he will raise up an army of Chicago zombies, who will be registered to vote by ACORN and then will approve his socialisms, as long as he keeps them fed with government-subsidized brains!

Could this cartoon be improved with a racist monkey or mincing gay? Perhaps if the zombies were monkey zombies? And then they danced around behind him like the zombies in the "Thriller" video, because … um … Michael Jackson is black?

The concept: On her first trip abroad, a lovely poofy-sleeved Hillary Clinton is led around the dance floor by a dashing Asian gentlemen. Nearby, Kim Jong Il glowers jealously as he dances with an enormous, whorish dildo.

Could this cartoon be improved with a racist monkey or mincing gay? Why, if that Eastern fellow were to stick one toe into the air, he would be immediately transformed into a hilarious homosexual! For the Celestials are mostly effeminate, you see! And what with the rumors of Hillary's proclivities, why, it would be "lavender diplomacy!" Oh, how droll.

The concept: Obama's supporters (other than the wealthy academics) were mostly impoverished dirtbags like this fellow here. Their Dear Leader has now been voted into office, but he has abandoned them to the streets, where they must beg for meager coins from the few Americans who are still employed.

Could this cartoon be improved with a racist monkey or mincing gay? What if this hobo were a representative of that slightly higher class of street beggar, the organ grinder? Then he could have a little racist Obama-monkey on a leash, begging for "change"! Ha ha, get it? Because Obama's black! I'm actually terrified to do any kind of Google search for this because I'm almost certain that someone, somewhere has actually drawn it.

The concept: Barack Obama wanders into Afghanistan with his toy cannon, offering a terrorist fist bump to nobody in particular.

Could this cartoon be improved with a racist monkey or mincing gay? It's really too bad that Obama isn't pushing to get rid of Don't Ask, Don't Tell at the moment, because then there could be a mincing gay in uniform waiting to return his fist bump, and he'd be all like "Hey, girlfriend! We're totally going to beat the Taliban and be home in time for fashion week! Two snaps up!" Ha, it's funny because the gays want to join the military, even though they're gay!

The concept: Tom Daschle's weeping, severed head, still wearing a nametag and those bizarre red glasses, has been preserved in a glass jar for all eternity.

Could this cartoon be improved with a racist monkey or mincing gay? There is absolutely no way to improve this wonderful, wonderful cartoon.


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Burris kicked to the curb by black pastors


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via Hot Air » Top Picks by Ed Morrissey on 2/20/09

Roland Burris' serial prevarications on his relationship with disgraced former governor Rod Blagojevich have put tremendous pressure on Democrats to do something, or risk carrying the stench of scandal for the next two years.  While Senate Democratic leaders Harry Reid and Dick Durbin have issued increasingly terse and distant statements and have pushed the issue to the Senate Ethics Commitee for review, neither have had the nerve to demand Burris' resignation for his lies under oath about contacts with — and fundraising for — Blagojevich.  We have speculated Reid and Durbin want to avoid a showdown with the Congressional Black Caucus over removing the only African-American in the upper chamber, and they won't move without some political cover. [...] Read the rest »


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Mooooooooooo-- Wait... What?


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Bill Clinton to Obama: Talk more optimistically about the economy. Oh, and b...


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What u mean


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via Loldogs, Dogs 'n' Puppy Dog Pictures - I Has A Hotdog! by Cheezburger Network on 2/20/09

funny pictures of dogs with captions

What u mean "Dont sell cat on ebay"?

but teh kitteh tried 2 sell me.

picture: dunno source, via our loldog builder. lol caption: unknown

» Recaption This

» See All Captions

Tagged: couch, ebay, indoors, lolcats, whatbreed


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Visiting Pope, Pelosi Hears a Call to Protect Life


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The pope added that all Catholics, "especially legislators, jurists and those responsible for the common good of society," should "work in cooperation with all men and women of good will in creating a just system of laws capable of protecting human life at all stages of its development."


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