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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Islamic extremist calls on Queen to be prosecuted


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Rabble-rouser Anjem Choudary's cohorts accused British troops of wiping out the civilian population in Afghanistan and said it was Her Majesty's fault because she is "the head of this country". MP Patrick Mercer..branded it an "insult to our monarch." ..his is the next phase of an enemy operation in our country."


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US man 'killed child by praying'


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A US court finds a man guilty of killing his ill 11-year-old daughter by praying for her rather than seeking treatment.


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Mr Fluffykins was justifiably proud of his reputation


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funny pictures of cats with captions

Mr Fluffykins was justifiably proud of his reputation as the best mousecatcher in town.

iz any of dem reel?

Picture by: JaneRebel. Caption by: simon_hades via Advanced Lol Builder

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Teen passenger in speeding car sues driver who was hit


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The driver of a minivan who was seriously injured when she was struck head-on by a drag-racing teenager doing 81 mph is now being sued by the teenager's passenger, who was also injured.


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JK Wedding Dancers On The Today Show!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Coconut headphone mod makes us long for Kokomo


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via Engadget by Darren Murph on 7/31/09

You knew somebody would do it, and now you're just downtrodden that said somebody isn't you. Yes friends, the gadget you see above really is a pair of working headphones with coconut halves for earcups. We already got word that Dave Chappelle's crack-infused twin fully approves, but we're still waiting for Dr. Dre to give us the all-clear before we deem them "street credible."

[Via MAKE]

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Coconut headphone mod makes us long for Kokomo originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 31 Jul 2009 06:01:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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1984 Was Just A Bit Premature


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via Reason Magazine - on 7/31/09

The British government has told communications companies to keep track of all Internet contacts anyone makes—emails, visits to social network sites, websites visited—and organize them in case law enforcement needs the information. The government says people should not worry because the databases will merely record contacts, not the content of those communications.


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Snuggie For Dogs Strains Human-Canine Relations Nationwide [Infomercials]


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via Consumerist by Laura Northrup on 7/31/09

When you wrap yourself in a Snuggie on a cold evening, does your dog stare up at you with sad, wistful eyes? Even when you're not holding a bowl of popcorn? It's time for you to acknowledge that your dog is jealous of your Snuggie.

Fortunately, there is now a solution to this problem. Meet the Snuggie for Dogs. Yes, there's a video.

It's a Snuggie. For doggies. I'm not sure what else I can say about this.

From a consumer perspective, it's kind of unfair. Why don't human Snuggies have Velcro on the back? How well does the fabric hold up to scratching? If your dog sits on your lap wearing a Snuggie while you're wearing a Snuggie, does the universe collapse?

There's just something sad about a chilly little dog, isn't there? My dog happily wears sweaters and t-shirts, but can't stand Velcro. She can hear it separating while she walks around, and is terrified. For other dogs who are that way, I'm going to guess that Snuggiecorp doesn't have as liberal a return policy as my neighborhood pet store.

Without shipping, the Snuggie for Dogs is competitively priced with other dog outerwear. If, however, it's made out of the same material as human Snuggies, our extensive tests showed that it won't hold up well to washing, and will shed more than a Labrador retriever.

Snuggie for Dogs [Official Site]

Consumer Reports Tests The Snuggie
Help! I Accidentally Ordered $127 Worth Of Snuggies!
You Say Snuggie, I Say WTF Blanket
Snuggies And ShamWows Beseige Nation's Cheap Airwaves


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The 1st Amendment Is Dead — Guy Arrested For Saying He Hated Cops


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via Dvorak Uncensored by Uncle Dave on 7/30/09

It's crap arrests like this that destroy respect for cops.

Pepin Tuma, 33, was walking with two friends along Washington's hip U Street corridor around midnight Saturday, complaining about how Gates had been rousted from his home for not showing a proper amount of deference to a cop. "We'd been talking about it all day," said Tuma. "It seems like police have a tendency to act overly aggressively when they're being pushed around," Tuma recalled saying.

Then the group noticed five or six police cruisers surrounding two cars in an apparent traffic stop on the other side of the street. It seemed to Tuma that was more cops than necessary.

"That's why I hate the police," Tuma said. He told the Huffington Post that in a loud sing-song voice, he then chanted, "I hate the police, I hate the police."

One officer reacted strongly to Tuma's song. "Hey! Hey! Who do you think you're talking to?" Tuma recalled the officer shouting as he strode across an intersection to where Tuma was standing. "Who do you think you are to think you can talk to a police officer like that?" the police officer said, according to Luke Platzer, 30, one of Tuma's companions.

Tuma said he responded, "It is not illegal to say I hate the police. It's not illegal to express my opinion walking down the street."
Within minutes, the officer had cuffed Tuma. The charge: disorderly conduct — just like Gates, who was arrested after police responded to a report of a possible break-in at his home and Gates protested their ensuing behavior.
"People talk about the Gates thing in terms of race, but it's an ongoing problem of police using disorderly conduct to shut people up," Tuma said.


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Oh Look, Viral Video On YouTube Boosting Sales... And Reputation For Chris B...


Sent to you by John via Google Reader:


via Techdirt by Michael Masnick on 7/30/09

By now, you've probably seen the video of the wedding party entrance for the wedding of Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz (if not, go check it out). It's been seen by many millions of people, and the number just keeps on growing. The wedding party entrance is choreographed as the entire wedding party dances enthusiastically to Chris Brown's song Forever. The video, of course is almost certainly copyright infringement. Even if we assume that the church in St. Paul where this took place paid its public performance license, that would only cover the venue, not the eventual rebroadcast on YouTube. Now there are some who will insist that every streamed version of this song should require that a fee be paid. But, of course, if that were the case, this video almost certainly would not have been put on YouTube and would not have been seen by so many millions of people.

And what would have happened then?

Well, JohnForDummies notes that the success of this video is having a major impact for Chris Brown (who's reputation is, reasonably, in tatters for assaulting his then girlfriend, the singer Rihanna). Not that we advocate supporting someone who assaulted his girlfriend, but the video is having an impact. The song Forever has jumped into the iTunes top 10, despite having been released over a year ago. Also, the video itself has greatly outpaced an attempt by Brown to create a viral video "apologizing" for his actions.

It's not clear how the record label (in this case, a subsidiary of Sony Music) feels about this (see update below) -- though, I will note that embedding has been disabled on the video (Update: Embedding enabled again, so I'm adding the video below) and there is a link to buy the song on the YouTube page. At the very least, this suggests that Sony (which has a good relationship with YouTube, unlike some others...) worked out a deal to take advantage of the publicity around the video. Though, the disabling of embedding seems rather pointless. Embedding the video would likely guarantee far more views, and with it, more purchases.

Update: Thanks to a bunch of folks sending in the news that Google is now promoting this as a case study of a rights holder taking control over content.

Update: Embedding has been re-enabled, so here you go:
Also... there's already been an amazing spoof video of the couple's "divorce" proceedings:
I don't think Sony's "taken control" of this one yet...

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Judge orders release of Gitmo grenadier


Sent to you by John via Google Reader:


via BLACKFIVE by (Pundit Review Radio) on 7/30/09

The young detainee held at Guantanamo for throwing a hand grenade that wounded two US troops has been ordered released by a judge.

Mohammed Jawad, whose case has generated intense support from human rights groups, might have been as young as 12 when he was arrested by Afghan authorities and turned over to the U.S. military.

He has challenged his confinement in a federal lawsuit being heard by U.S. District Judge Ellen S. Huvelle under habeas corpus, a legal doctrine that allows prisoners to contest their confinements before independent arbiters.

Last week, under pressure from Huvelle and Jawad's lawyers, the Justice Department dropped its defense of the detainee's challenge, but said it might still charge him with a crime in a U.S. courtroom.

Our descent back into a law enforcement mindset in fighting terrorism is in full effect and we can expect to see many more rulings similar to this. The problem w/ applying habeas rights to terrorists is that they are often apprehended in situations that make gathering of the type of evidence that will stand up in US courts impossible. It is argued that the lack of American judicial quality calls for the release of many detainees. That logic flies in the face of our entire history of wartime detention of legitimate POWs and the need to have a way to hold, try and or simply detain those who manifestly wish to do us harm. The status quo is untenable as I have long argued. Let's hope that expediency forces the Obama team to generate military tribunals to put some stamp of US justice on these folks prior to putting them in the deep freeze or returning them to room temp.


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7 Year Old Boy Steals Family Car To Skip Church


Sent to you by John via Google Reader:


via by Kelly on 7/30/09

A 7-year-old Utah boy stole his dad's car, a white Dodge Intrepid, to get out of going to church on Sunday.  He didn't get too far and ended up leading police on a low-speed chase driving it 45 mph back home with the police following behind him.

Weber County sheriff's Lt. Matthew Bell said:

"His speed was slow, but erratically; and so he would kind of scoot down lower to push on the gas and kinda sit up on the seat more to see right where he was going."

He added:

"People in the neighborhood are talking about this."

Check out the video above

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16 Year-Old Boy Brutally Beats Toddler to Death


Sent to you by John via Google Reader:


via digg / prietoj / friends by peggiebennett on 7/30/09

A 16-year-old boy, who beat a toddler to death while he was babysitting her, is sentenced to 15 years detention.


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Thursday, July 30, 2009

itteh bitteh jedi committeh…


Sent to you by John via Google Reader:


funny pictures of cats with captions

itteh bitteh jedi committeh… using for force for goodness & cuteness

but teh dark side haz cheezburgers.

Picture by: dunno source. Caption by: vidette via Our LOL Builder

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