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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Divorce Is Bad For Adults And Other Living Things [Body Of Evidence]


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via Jezebel by Sadie on 8/4/09

Here's a downer from "The Science Times" : Seems divorce takes a major toll on your health. But so does a bad marriage. Oh, but married people are still healthier than single ones. So what's a girl to do?

As Tara Parker-Pope writes in today's Times,

New research shows that when married people become single again, whether by divorce or a spouse's death, they experience much more than an emotional loss. Often they suffer a decline in physical health from which they never fully recover, even if they remarry.

The stats, which come from a nationwide study of folks in their 50s and 60 and a series of related experiments, detailed in the piece, suggest that the stress of such situations can actually affect a person's cellular level and immune system.

When the author asked for anecdotal responses from readers, she got a range. Wrote "Shelley,"

Duh. Major emotional trauma damages health. Losing a spouse, losing a parent, losing a child, losing a job (and related health insurance.) I can't believe with health care in the state it is, we're wasting money on this kind of research.

But others had a more pragmatic take: Says "Jack", "At first the divorce took a toll, but the prospect of dating made me get in better physical shape. I joined a local running group, got in shape, and made new friends!" And added "S.K.," "Considering what the stress of a bad marriage is doing to my health, I'll take my chances with divorce." But the last word should probably go to the unhelpful contributor who commented only, "Marriage sucks and then you die!"

Divorce and death are major stresses (The Onion's editorial, "The Divorce Was Unfortunate, But I'm Glad We Handled It Like Total Animals" is all-too-real for many to be funny) and it seems pretty difficult to emerge from either situation unscathed. But isn't it one of the disconnects of being a human being that our physical interests are often in direct opposition of the wants and needs of our brains? In short, the body, for all its sophistication, doesn't want us to live life too richly: if it had its way, we'd subsist on a minimally caloric diet of nuts, seeds, lean protein and water, spend no time sitting at a computer, and start reproducing in childhood. The best most of us can hope for is an uneasy detante in which our emotions act as unreliable double-agent. (And can you guess who has two thumbs and took Biology for poets?) I guess my point is just this: sometimes the glut of information about the unavoidable effects of living on the body can be disheartening, and make one feel like we're in the grip of forces so large there's no point to anything. To a degree, that's true, and a certain measure of contentment probably arises from surrendering a bit of control. But to quote a doctor quoted in Laurie Colwin's peerless essay "Red Peppers," "it's silly to do anything for reasons of health." And applying any such thoughts to the emotional maelstrom of loss and divorce - quite stressful enough, thanks, without considering the toll it's taking on your cell count - seems like a good place to apply the maxim.

Divorce, It Seems, Can Make You Ill
[NY Times]

When Married People Become Single Again
[NY Times]

The Divorce Was Unfortunate, But I'm Glad We Handled It Like Total Animals
[The Onion]


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Chavez backer held over TV attack


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A radical supporter of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is arrested after an attack on an opposition TV channel.


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Sprint CS


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via by FreePour on 8/4/09

Ok so I accidentally pressed the enter button while trying to write the title of this thread and I am sure there are a few threads I could have used to tell this story. I was attempting to use the "Recommended thread" tool that PreCentral gives when starting a new thread and unfortunately I did press enter a little too soon. So if a mod wants to merge this with another thread feel free.

I did want to post about my recent Sprint customer service experience.

I have been with Sprint for 12 years now and I used to wonder why I stuck with them. It was almost self inflicted abuse to even call customer service back in the day. Terrible people, terrible troubleshooting, and in the end I always had terrible results. But I can testify that Sprint has clearly turned a page and has essentially re-created the Customer Service side of their business.

I called in just several days ago because i was getting an EV (evdo) Icon on my Pre. In my are we have never had evdo. Always 1x. On this day however EV was displaying and of course the data was very fast, but the EV signal was spotty at best (just like the voice signal here) and it was constantly switching from EV to 1x, making any use of data very frustrating and essentially useless. So I called in and was referred to Tech Support. They guy I spoke with said that he didnt see anything about EVDO upgrades in my area and that maybe I was Roaming which could explain my EVDO signal. I explained that I had in fact disabled both voice roaming and data roaming to troubleshoot and had even done my resets. He didnt make me repeat the lengthy process of troubleshooting and he accepted my word that I knew what I was talking about and he said he would look into it and give me a return call within a day. We even discussed overall call quality and voice signal coverage in my area and he said he would look into that as well (i get almost no serive in my new home without the free sprint airave).Now, I have been told that before and am sure I never received the "Elusive Return Call" before. Times are clearly different because he called me back the next morning and referred me to some sort of Cell Tower Tech in my area. The cell tower tech guy informs me that they are in fact installing EVDO in my city and they are currently in the process of aiming the antennas and that EVDO should be fully functional without interruption within a day or two. He then refers to lack of signal at home and says he cannot find the address and would I give him turn bu turn directions to my neighborhood. So I explain how to get there and it seems like hes writing the directions down until I tell him what street Im on and then i see the guy drive by! He literally is out driving around to find my dead zone neighborhood! Then the call gets dropped but he stops by anyways and we discuss the issue. he cant guarantee any kind of service upgrade to my general area of course as he explains towers cost many many thousands of dollars but at least this guy was really really trying. This would have never happened a few years ago.

So I give my Kudos to Sprint for the new EVDO in my area, my new, non oreo, uncracked screen, still touchstone charging, unbleeding screen, 100% working pixels, PALM PRE! and maybe even a tower in my area soon!


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[audio] North Korea Unprepared For Missile Attack On North Korea


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via The Onion on 8/4/09

Onion Radio News - with Doyle Redland


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Chavez Calls Attack on Opposition TV Station 'Anarchist'


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via by on 8/4/09

Chavez called the attack "counterrevolutionary, anarchist and an attempt against peace in the country."


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Obama Working Closely With For-Profit Healthcare Lobbyist - NEWS JUNKIE POST


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Obama Working Closely With For-Profit Healthcare Lobbyist
It's unclear where President Obama stands on a public option choice as lobbyist from the for-profit industry continue to meddle with the president on his health care initiative. Since President Obama took office, he has received ...


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via American Conservative Daily by Gene Lalor on 8/4/09

In an unconfirmed report, conservative radio personality, Sean Hannity, announced today that Patrick J. Fitzgerald,   United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois had been kicked upstairs by the Obama administration.

The solid, upright, apolitical, squeaky clean Fitzgerald, who had previously been the target of Hannity criticism, had been overseeing the continuing investigation of the Antoin "Tony" Rezko relationship and dealings with ousted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. 

Rezko, Obama's good buddy and financier, was referred to by Hillary Clinton as a slumlord during the campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.  He was convicted in 2008 of fraud, corrupt solicitation, and money laundering. 

Rumors had been afloat that he was ready to spill his guts on others involved in his criminal activities.  Those could include the president of the United States.

If the report is confirmed, Fitzgerald's removal could signal the end of the investigation into the Rezko-Obama connection.

In related news, Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, has been accused of attempting to intimidate the nation's governors and the congress to cease criticizing the ineffectiveness of Obama's "stimulus" unless "you prefer to forfeit the money we are making available" to their states.

Republican Rep. Darrell Issa of California in effect advised Emanuel, who acts on the behalf of his fellow Chicagoan Obama, that typical Chicago strongarm tactics won't work in more civilized environs such as Washington:

You can take a president out of Chicago but you can't take the Chicago out of a president.

Obama is no joker  


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