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Sunday, June 20, 2010

DHS Wants To Monitor the Web For Terrorists

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DHS Wants To Monitor the Web For Terrorists

clustro writes "Under the belief that terrorists are 'increasingly' recruiting US citizens, Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano says that increased government monitoring of the Internet is necessary to thwart them. It is believed that Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Hassan and attempted Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad were inspired by radical internet postings. Speaking at a meeting of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, Napolitano said, 'We can significantly advance security without having a deleterious impact on individual rights in most instances. At the same time, there are situations where trade-offs are inevitable.'"

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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The Ugly Truth Just Keeps Coming Out About Liberals

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The Ugly Truth Just Keeps Coming Out About Liberals

Hugo Chavez has his little socialist fiefdom established down in Venezuela. The whole country is collapsing on the foundation of liberal policies that he has instituted including state control of industry, forcibly silencing the opposition and concocting numerous ways to stand on the other liberties of his people. It is the fate of socialists societies to fall apart because they try to operate outside the most basic rules of economics and stifle inalienable rights.

When ever a problem arises because of his "leadership" Chavez, like all liberals, blames everyone and everything under the sun except the actual source which is, of course, Hugo Chavez himself and his ideology. We see this repeatedly here in America too with Chavez's fellow travelers. When the housing market crashed leftists like Rep. Barney Frank blamed the banks and their greed. He never, however, mentioned that the banks were being forced to sign onto bad loans for unqualified persons by the agencies that regulate them and which are, of course, trying to conduct liberal social experiments by forcing money to go where it really would never go on its own. The same thing with the spill in the Gulf of Mexico where BP, who is absolutely to blame and should bear the costs of the cleanup, and States are being hindered by federal agencies like the Coast Guard who find reasons to take oil skimming barges out of service for inspection just when they are needed most.

Ok, so we have the pattern established. Liberal cause problems and then blame everyone else for them. In Venezuela the citizens are dealing with food shortages and soaring prices. Chavez blames the evil capitalists and the rich for this of course and sent his goon squads in to seize 120 tons of food (including rice, powdered milk and coffee) which Chavez claimed was to be sold above market prices. Of course these "market prices" are arbitrary prices set by Uncle Hugo and which are often well below the actual cost to manufacture these goods. It is certainly hard to convince someone that they should be selling rice for $1 a pound when it costs $2 to make it right?

Well, while Hugo was complained about food shortages and soaring prices and railing against the evil capitalists the truth is that Hugo Chavez's government just wasted many times more than this 120 tons of food!

Critics accuse him of steering the country toward a communist dictatorship and say he is destroying the private sector.

They point to 80,000 tons of rotting food found in warehouses belonging to the government as evidence the state is a poor and corrupt administrator.

Jose Guzman, an assistant manager at a store raided in Catia, watched with resignation as government agents pored over the company's accounts and computers after the food ministry official and the television cameras left.

"The government is pushing this type of establishment toward bankruptcy," said Guzman, who linked the ra...

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Ex-Guantanamo inmates 'fail rehab'

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Ex-Guantanamo inmates 'fail rehab'

Several freed detainees have returned to violence after rehabilitation in Saudi Arabia.

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Obama's Gulf Spill Panel Short on Scientific Expertise, Long on Environmentalism

Only one of the seven commissioners appointed by President Obama to investigate the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has any engineering experience.

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