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Friday, September 03, 2010

OK, Twinkle Toes

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OK, Twinkle Toes

[Say in whiny piglet voice]

"I will NOT let my precious toes be sullened by your dirty farm! I'm off to get a mani/piggy."

Polly the piglet (see Rhinestone collar for name verification) via Telegraph UK and sent in by Erin B.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

America's homes are being infested by hordes of single-minded bloodsucking p...


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Carla Bruni A "Prostitute" For Opposing Stoning [Iran]


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via Jezebel by Anna North on 8/30/10

French first lady Carla Bruni has spoken out against the death sentence of Sakineh Ashtiani — and as a result, the Iranian press are calling her a "prostitute." More »


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Bill Press: Talking about God not appropriate for “sacred” spot


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via Hot Air » Top Picks by Ed Morrissey on 8/30/10

Greg Hengler captures the moment in which "incoherence" is defined, during CNN's "Reliable Sources" yesterday. [...] Read the rest »


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