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Monday, November 08, 2010

Entrance FAIL

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Entrance FAIL

epic fail photos - Entrance FAIL

Submitted by: Unknown

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I brung u a flower…

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I brung u a flower…

cute puppy pictures-I brung u a flower...

ohai hotdogz! u voted last week to determin wut goggiez wud get der very oan week here on ihasahotdog, an teh cavalier king charles spaniels jus barely caym out az teh winnerz. So herez yer ferst daily cavalier king charles post! Dis lil puppeh will trayd u hiz flower fer noms… how cud u eber say no 2 dat fayce??

Source: Devilious-Red

Tagged: cavalier king charles spaniel, cute, exchange, flower, noms, puppy, puppy eyes, themed goggie week, winner

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