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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Cutest Bird in the World Sings the "My Neighbor Totoro" Theme

The Cutest Bird in the World Sings the "My Neighbor Totoro" Theme:

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This Hilarious Bacon Commercial Perfectly Spoofs Stupid Diamond Ads

This Hilarious Bacon Commercial Perfectly Spoofs Stupid Diamond Ads:

"Cut, color, cure, consistency: These are the four factors of the Oscar Mayer original strip. When it's time for the ultimate expression of love, say it on a plate." Get rid of just a few words in that copy and you're basically listening to someone try to shill you some shiny rocks. But no, it's Oscar Mayer (via some ad men) and they're trying to sell us their bacon and we are buying it.


Turtle Helps Another Turtle Out

Turtle Helps Another Turtle Out:

Turtle Helps Another Turtle Out

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Toy Critic Pug

Toy Critic Pug:

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Monday, June 03, 2013

In Praise Of The Facepalm

In Praise Of The Facepalm:
In a defense of millennial lingo, Steven Poole encounters a term he finds especially endearing:
[A]gainst the claim that the internet is impoverishing our language must be set the truth that it is tumblr_mn0klfjln61s66s1io1_500(somehow simultaneously) expanding it with new and entertaining means of expression. Take, for instance, the very useful ejaculation “facepalm”. This splendidly economical way of indicating ironic despair — sometimes accompanied by an image of Captain Jean-Luc Picard covering his face with his hand — is just one of the useful lexical innovations the internet offers to those who actually read it. As Tom Chatfield’s recent book on the subject, Netymology, explains: “When I type out the word ‘facepalm’, nobody actually thinks that I’m dropping my own head into my hand (even though I may be doing so). The agreed convention, rather, is that typing this neatly compressed term is an efficiently vivid way of suggesting – through a word – that I consider myself lost for words.”
The same kind of enjoyable perfomativity attends a semantic cousin of “facepalm” that Chatfield doesn’t mention, and which is slightly more violent in its ironic despondency – “headdesk”. One should be careful to distinguish between the two usages. “Headdesk” seems to imply that one is so appalled by the stimulus in question that one is prepared to cause oneself physical pain as a welcome distraction. But just covering one’s eyes with one’s hand seems gentler, sadder, perhaps even a little sympathetic.


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